Trivia: Pixels

You have probably heard that computers, televisions etc. all have millions of “little squares” on them called the pixels. They all come together and form an image. All of these pixels contain three smaller subpixels each of which displays one of red, green or blue colors in varying intensity. When red, green and blue are […]

Trivia – 3D Modelling

3D modeling is a technique in computer graphics for developing a mathematical and digital representation of an object in three dimensions. The final product is called a 3D model. One who works with 3D models can be referred to as a 3D artist. From health to architecture, 3D modeling is being used in various fields. All 3D […]

Did you know about the first Apple logo?

The first Apple logo was entirely different than what it is today. The original logo featured a drawing of Isaac Newton under an apple tree, surrounded by a quote from William Wordsworth: “Newton… a mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought.”  Sadly for its creator, Ronald Wayne, this logo didn’t last very long. Less […]

Trivia: How does Shazam work?

We hear a good song at a restaurant, a coffee shop or maybe at a store. We wonder what it is and grab our phone and use shazam to find it. Usually we find what the song is and we move on with our lives. But how does Shazam work, exactly? We all think Shazam […]

Did you know about supercomputers?

A supercomputer is a computer with a high level of performance as compared to a general-purpose computer. The performance of a supercomputer is commonly measured in floating-point operations per second (FLOPS) instead of million instructions per second (MIPS).   Supercomputers play an important role in various fields:  Computational science Quantum mechanics Weather forecasting Climate research Oil […]

Did you know about CGI?

Many of the movies being made today have images made by computers. These computer-made images are called Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). The images may be dynamic or static, and can also be two-dimensional (2D), although the term “CGI” is most commonly used to refer to the 3D computer graphics used for creating characters, scenes and special effects […]

Did you know about ConnectU?

In some cases, even though one person gets all the attention and praise, there may be many others who still need as much respect and appreciation. The Winklevoss twins were two of those people.  Originally called HarvardConnection, ConnectU was a social networking website founded by the Winklevoss twins with their classmate Divya Narendra in December 2002. The website launched […]

Eye Health – Don’t forget to blink!

Considering how much time we spend time in front of computers, it is quite important how our eyes are doing, isn’t it? Even though there are some myths that say our eyes’ health only depend on our genes, the reality is that it doesn’t. There are many things we have to consider, one of them […]

Did you know about CAQC?

CAQC consists of 2 main parts. These are Computer Aided Inspection (CAI), and Computer Aided Testing (CAT). CAI and CAT are standalone systems that use computer automation and sensor technology. They enable CAQC to reach its full potential. Advantages of CAQC * Instead of testing every product one by one manually, CAI and CAT automate […]

Did you know about Hello World?

Hello World programs are used to illustrate how the process of coding works, as well as to ensure that a language or system is operating correctly. They are almost always the first programs that new coders learn, because even those with little or no experience can execute Hello World both easily and correctly. In addition […]