Get To Know: The Alumni Relations Team

The Alumni Relations Team is responsible for getting and staying in touch with Koç University alumni. The team organizes the Ask Alumni event in which one of KU graduates talks about their experiences during their education and what they have done after graduating, as well as answering the students’ questions. In this event, we arrange […]

Get To Know: The Social Media Team

The Social Media Team creates the social media campaigns of KU ACM. Embracing KU ACM’s mission to become a hub for all students interested in computer science, the team works non-stop to communicate the chapter’s many events and activities. Our ethos is our work ethic. Embracing a streamlined workflow, we are committed to creating high […]

Get To Know: The Training Team

The Training Team organizes contests and study groups. Every semester, we host study groups from beginner to advanced level in different topics.  The Training Team divides into three subteams: Algorithms Program Team Circle Program Team Contest Team Circle Program Team creates content and holds weekly circle sessions on a subject. We have held several study […]

Get To Know: The Corporate Relations Team

The Corporate Relations Team is the main communication channel between companies and KU ACM. The team is responsible for organizing What I Do events, mock interviews, workshops; finding sponsors for the contests. In What I Do, people from different fields and companies join us for a chat. They talk about their job, and what they […]

Get To Know: The Academic Relations Team

The Academic Relations Team aims to be a bridge between the students and the faculty members. The team organizes events where our professors come together with students and talk about their projects and how undergraduate students can contribute to the research. KU ACM’s Academic Relations Team is responsible for carrying out the events: Intersection, Lab […]